Decades of professional experience and competitive advantage has allowed Saremco Group to successfully diversify into numerous industries. Today Saremco Group has established successful companies in diverse range of business sectors Real Estate Project Development, Construction & Marketing to launch of Real Estate marketplace “fastmarketingonline.com” and “Daaclay.com”, Agriculture Industry as Growers & Exporter of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to Establishment of Turmeric processing plant, Travel & Tourism and Renewable Energy Sector.

Why Choose Us?

100,000 + Satisfied Clients

50+ Local & International Offices


10+ Successful Companies

300+ Employees

15+ Years of Experience

50+ Successful Projects

Our Focus

SAREMCO Group is the only Real Estate Management Group in Pakistan having its strengths in Land Acquisition, Designing, Town Planning, Engineering Services, Development Construction, Marketing & Sales.

  • Project Management & Construction
  • Project Marketing & Sales
  • Town Planning, Architect & Engineering

Diversified Businesses!

Establishment of various successful subsidiary companies is a proof of kingdom –like growth of Saremco Group. Every subsidiary company of Saremco Group is working as market leader in its business sector and playing a vital role in economic prosperity of Pakistan.

The Saremco Group is part of following list of different business sectors:


  1. Real Estate
  2. Agriculture
  3. Renewal Energy
  4. Travel & Tourism
  5. General Trading
  6. Ecommerce Marketplaces